Days 7 and 8

Day 7 – Again did a lunchtime meditation retreat which consisted of getting completely relaxed and then holding a no-mind state for as long as possible. It seems that focusing on the breath, and especially the spaces in between, is the most successful way of holding this state. While it’s getting better, it is pretty tough to hold this state without a daydream or random thought popping in and stealing my attention.

Day 8 – On this day, the skaters at the nearby park had music BLASTING. You could think that music might help in meditation, but when the skaters are singing along with Eminem and Linkin Park, it’s like trying to hold an egg yolk in your hand. It’s just not going to happen for long. I managed to get relaxed and try my usual routine (HI!), and then slip into an attempt at holding my mind clear (MY NAME IS!), I finally gave up after around 8 minutes and instead broke out my lyric book and wrote down some ideas…(CHICKY CHICKY SLIM SHADY). Better than no meditation at all I suppose.

For my meditation later today, I’m going to try a few of the suggestions from this article. To be more aware of my posture, and to leave the eyes slightly open. Updates to follow…


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Systems Admin guy, musician, songwriter, recording artist, Jiu Jitsu practitioner, occasionally get punched in the face or vice versa.
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